I’ll admit it; I have fantasies.  I’m not talking now about “those” kind of fantasies. My latest one involves Neil deGrasse Tyson, the famous astronomer and all-around space genius. In this fantasy, I write him a letter with great questions, claiming to be an elementary school pupil named Frances. Neil’s assistant is so taken with the letter she insists he read it. He’s even more taken with it, tells them to get my phone number.

He calls. After a few minutes of pretending the kid is out playing, I confess that I’m a 78 year-old lady and didn’t think he’d take my questions seriously if he knew. He throws his head back and laughs (it’s my fantasy!) and says he’s even more impressed and I should come to his office in the Museum of Natural History. We’ll have a bite and talk.  End of fantasy. Below are my questions. Feel free to answer any!

  1.  There’s a lot of talk about water on other planets in other galaxies. I realize I don’t know why water happens. I know about the hydrogen and oxygen, but what I don’t get is what it is about water that’s so important for us and all the other animals, including birds. Why not wool?  Why not maple leaves?
  2. Would the creatures on other planets need water to survive? Couldn’t they be made of some other stuff that didn’t need water?
  3.  Is there only one way to be alive?  Couldn’t there be other ways?
  4.  Do you have to be able to die to be called alive?

Like I said, it’s my fantasy.

4 thoughts on “Fantasies

    1. Thanks for reading the blog. I hope you liked some of it. The questions are meant to be those of a young child who’s thinking about life on other planets. The first question was kind of scientific, but I bet you understood this one: “Couldn’t they {life on other planets] be made of some other stuff that didn’t need water?” I was sort of questioning whether something else on another planet might be as important to the beings there as water is to us! p.s. I’m definitely Earth … or maybe Wood.


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