Funnely enough

Happy New Year!  I’m staying on the light side today. My helper for this will be my own 4 poems about January. Unfortunately as I type today, my room is very cold. The building I live in has terrible insulation and electric heat — a bad combination!  So it’s 62 instead of 68 as the law requires, and I’m just too lazy and fearful to fight the powers that be.  Instead, I’ll order a space heater as soon as I finish these January offerings:

Foolish and absurd!
I’m caught singing Jingle Bells
January 3rd!

While your soft grey fur
stretches to the thirty-first
I can hear you purr.

In your name, the sound
“new” skips like sunshine over
fledgling layers of ice.

Let the other months
bully this year to its finish.
Gentle January, stay.

Ellen D.


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