Strategy, A Prompt

Years ago, I wanted to face up to the difficulty I have getting myself out of the house. Unless it was for an appointment, I’d put off needed chores that involved walking somewhere nearby (I live in New York).

I signed up for a workshop led by a husband and wife team who used drumming as a catalyst. You chose the problem you wanted to work on — mine was walking down the street — and then followed the instructions into a guided imagery scenario while the husband drummed. You were to emerge with an animal guide to help with your issue.

I’m 98% skeptical about such things so I join them with low expectations, but I was desperate. I won’t go into my visualized scenario in detail, but I came out of it with an unexpected animal guide — a snake!

I don’t like snakes — couldn’t I have visualized a puppy? A gazelle? But no, because in my scenario, snakes led me around the huge fire and out of the cave.

We talked about how our spirit/animal guides would help us with our problem. Since I have a tendency to steer into people I feel threatened by on the street (!), the snake guide was teaching me that slithering away or around would get me to my destination with a lot less sturm und drang.

I still keep it in mind. “The way of the snake” can help me avoid obstacles, human and other. But now and then, this strategy fails me or more often, I fail it.

In that case, I may have to resort to a writing a poem!*

Impatient young girl—
If you’d waited one more breath
I’d have stepped aside!

* All writing presented here is original unless quotes indicate otherwise and is covered by existing copyright laws, so please refrain from borrowing anything here without my consent. Thank you.

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