Is it Memory, Dementia, Age, Stress, or Normal?

It’s a puzzle.  I’m not talking about the one where you’re in the kitchen and even though you thought of it 2 minutes ago you don’t remember why you’re there, not even the one where your best friend’s father died and you misplaced the address of the funeral home.

I’m talking about where you travel and hour in traffic and pay $20 to a cab to get you to a doctor’s app’t that it turns out is the next day. I’m talking about when someone tells you about the perfect yoga class you’ve been looking for for ages, and it’s 2 blocks away, and you forget all about it within 3-5 minutes of being told.

I’m talking about where that same best friend of 50 years’s last name disappears before your very eyes, or where you can’t remember which year the open heart surgery was, or when you tell yourself seven times throughout the day that it’s your favorite cousin’s birthday and still forget to call or send an email.

These are not typical signs of Alzheimer’s or any other kind of dementia.  I call it lazy brain syndrome.  Years of escapist pastimes have taken their toll, even – or perhaps especially – those reputed to increase brain power.

It can be annoying … I lose track of things I really wanted to do, etc.  It’s kind of like being forced to live in the moment.  I fight it, but in the end I’m better off when I just allow myself to live in the moment, even when the moment is a painful one.

But I do wish I had a choice about it!

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