Terrible Tendencies

Honestly, I want to respond to today’s prompt.  But then the laundry won’t get done and the pile of clothes for charity won’t get carted the 6 blocks,, and the closets that are filled with stuff I never look at or need won’t get gone through.

I have a tendency to accumulate.  It’s not the same as hoarding; I can throw out with the best of them.  It’s just I tend to believe my life will be significantly better if I order that thing in that catalog.  Or I tend to forget what I’ve already got and so will buy three more tubes of toothpaste.

But most of all, it’s my G.D. A.D.D.  It’s like glue, like a ton weight sitting on my head,  like giant hands grabbing my ankles and saying: “This way to the computer for fun, not that way to the bed with the laundry piled on it.”  I can’t resist.

With A.D.D., there’s a thing called “doubling.”  If another person is present, I can do almost anything.  Sometimes A.D.D. folks will call each other up and talk on the phone while they get thru a task they were resisting. Tomorrow, my housekeeper comes.  When she’s here, I become a force of nature. I plough thru papers, do two rounds of laundry, change linens, call doctors to schedule app’t’s.

So I’m going to put off ’til tomorrow … and finish this blog.  I will accomplish one thing.  I will bag all the stuff for the local laundry/dry cleaning service and call them.  They do my sheets and towels and also anything I want dry-cleaned.  He’s very nice.

Which reminds me of my visit to my very nice coach at Jenny Craig this AM.  You know, the weight loss program?  I’ve invested almost a year and a half, and I’m down 31 lbs! Ten more to go to goal. I can’t quite believe what I see in the mirror — I’ve wanted so long for this … can it be real?

I tend to believe the bad and am hellishly dubious about the good.



3 thoughts on “Terrible Tendencies

  1. Great blog! I did a blog recently on a book called the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which might help you with cleaning out those closets, it gave me a different perspective on the topic. Book are my thing, although I write on other stuff. Your blog is good…..keep at it!


  2. Thank you so much for reading my post;. For some reason I hadn’t seen your comment yesterday and just stumbled across this site. Now all I have to do is remember it! Thanks for the encouragement — I will check out your recent blog about closets!


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