Why Blogging Makes Me Sad (at times)

There you are, my blog reader.  You’re out there somewhere in America, and I’m here in my little den in NYC. I have only spoken about 10 minutes in the last 2 days — when you live alone, that can happen.

The phone rings throughout the day. It’s almost never a real call from a real person  I actually know.  I miss that.  I miss someone wanting to reach out to me, just as I want to reach out to them.  And I do … I call people.  They just don’t call me.

I don’t take it personally … but the one thing it’s hard to do is make new friends at this stage of life (see my blog statement).  Can I insist on people calling me instead of emailing?  Not that hundreds email me.

I’m whining.  I know it. But you out there who live with someone you like and have come to take it for granted that at the breakfast table, someone will say: Pass the milk, don’t.

I’ve had cats – that’s been wonderful in its way but becoming deeply attached to an animal that dies too quickly is so painful I can no longer bear it.  Besides, I can’t bend down to empty litter boxes, can’t take a dog for the long walk it deserves, and frankly don’t want to fill my small kitchen counter with cans of pet food.

I think I’ll play piano. When I do, I’m usually in  deep communion with the composer… “What do you want me to say here?”  “Oh, just something about laughter … pretend I’m tickling you.”  “OK, how does this sound?”  “Don’t depend on me to tell you — I’m dead! You’ll know it when you get it.  I’ll stop by for a second or two.

“Or I’ll send down (or up) a smile for your face.”

Forgive me, gentle reader.  It’s so grey outside.  I haven’t sent anymore poems out, I didn’t do the laundry. Call me, someone – there’s a great new coffee place nearby with buttery croissants which you can eat while I much on my diet snack bar.  No, go ahead, it won’t bother me.  I insist!

  Why Blogging Makes Me Sad (at times)https://dailypost.wordpress.com

6 thoughts on “Why Blogging Makes Me Sad (at times)

  1. That did make me sad indeed. I stay in India otherwise I would have jumped on that offer of butter croissant and talks about life with you! WP is indeed a great community my friend. I have many friends here from across the globe, I only hope you find people worth your time here and then share your upbeat stories about meeting them☺️
    Take care.

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  2. I find that I don’t like to spend time with people too much but then work fills my day and I’m more of an introvert. However, I’ve always found I’ve connected to people abstractly, knowing I have friends I’m emotionally connected to feeds me a lot…even when I don’t see them so much but we do all need a certain amount of human contact, we all need affection and shared moments of laughter and camaraderie so I hope it helps to know that your writing is a bright light. Keep sharing them and in turn, stay connected. I’m sorry that it’s harder to make friends there though but I hope the messages on this thread give you comfort 🙂


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