Country Bumpkin

My devices are down the tube!

My mental circuits need a lube!

I’m otherwise not such a boob,

but technologically? Total Rube!

It’s true.  I, and too many of my senior friends, are rubes  when it comes to the new country of web-related devices.  I’m probably even saying it wrong!

I have two strikes against me: 1) My brain don’t retain… and 2) My A.D.D. says “I can’t, I won’t.”

Yet people say: “Oh, it’s so easy!  Here, I’ll show you!” (but I still can’t fish when they’re finished!)

…or “Just sit in on the Apple store classes!” (they talk way too fast!)

… or “Just fool around, you’ll get it!” (that was true 41 devices ago).

Alas, too much of the time  here on  and elsewhere, I’m at sea in a little wooden boat — watching the paddles float further and further away!





6 thoughts on “Country Bumpkin

  1. Hahaha! You may feel that way but you’re not that big of a rube my friend for WordPress is not an easy ocean to sail on (technologically speaking!) I remember the first time I had decided to make an account here and my tech savviness had fell short, so I had to refer to Google for help on how to add pages or what are plugins and why on earth there were so many of them! Other social media platforms are still easier to handle, so judging by your awesomeness on this one, no, you’re way ahead of other seniors in this game!


      1. I’m so glad to hear that☺️ Plugins, they exist for different purpose, for example to draw traffic to your blog, or if you want a feature or to enhance the experience of blogging but you either have to pay or download them as far as I know. It was taxing and tedious, which is why I had to look into easier ways of handling my account. So no, I don’t use any Plugins!


  2. You’re doing awesome, keep up the great writing – that’s all that matters, gadgets and such just distract!


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