So I’m sending poems out. Sounds good, right?  4 hrs yesterday trying to format the poems the way they wanted it done!  Each publication wants something different, but most want online submissions, either .doc or PDF, as one continuous document but with each poem on a different page.

After 4 hrs, I finally pushed “send.” But I just had his feeling I should take a look at what I’d sent and lo! half of one the poems had migrated to the right side of the page!

I tried.  I tried and tried.  Finally, I wrote them a note (they had a space for that) and said: “Would you mind very much just reading the 1st and 3rd poems?  The middle one won’t hold still.”

Speaking of books (?), I had lunch today with an old friend. We had worked for 3 years to get her memoir about 4 yrs of her life into shape.  We fought, we ate, we laughed, we lost things, we found things.

Anyhow, today she brought a copy of the published book.  I was so happy about it –and then I read her dedication.  It was to me.  We just looked at each other. This friend is not always able to express feelings well.  And I am quick to have my feelings hurt, my nose out of joint.  But we had a moment.  I will not forget it.

Warmest hello to you all!

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