Before I Sleep.

Sorry, this isn’t a literary post — it’s just before I go to sleep right now, I’m sending along the other view from my apartment.  This is the view facing south, or as we New Yorkers like to call it, “downtown.”

It’s funny – Autumn — if you’re lucky enough to live surrounded by trees, or can take a drive out of this city upstate to the Catskills, Bear Mountain, etc., you see thousands and thousands of trees bursting with many colors, and it’s beautiful.

But this little yellow-gold tree, one of the last to succumb to the rains and winds of winter, gave me such special pleasure! So I will share this photo now, heaven willing and the crick don’t rise, for your dose of New York City viewing.


P.S. Can anyone explain, as if to a learning-challenged 3-yr-old how to get a photo from your desktop, like a jpeg, into the body of the post, not the whole header width?


3 thoughts on “Before I Sleep.

  1. I love the view and the beautiful golden tree! I wish I could help you figure out the photo placement, it has to be something within your theme. You will figure it out, I’m sure of it! Happy Thursday to you!


  2. Hello there. I hope you’re good.
    Ah! Soothing view. I had a similar view from my window a few years ago with the massive yellow leaves stealing my attention every now and then. Great capture, you know because somehow this picture leaves you thinking about life at your end. Crazy paced NY and spring blossoms!
    I think you do it the regular way, the whole header width, how do you mean that?


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