Nightly Rituals

2015-10-23 NE view

I was thinking only last night about the steps I take to deal with real and possible noise every night.

My apartment is on the 8th floor of a building alongside First Avenue, a busy conduit the length of Manhattan that carries large and small interstate trucks out of the city all night and day.

In addition, 1st Ave is also home to several big hospitals and city low-income housing developments, both requiring frequent use of ambulances, fire engines and police cars.

For those reasons, my nightly ritual is very important, consisting of the following decisions:

1) Open window vs turn on thermostat-based fan 

This decision is weather-related: if it’s very cold, I can’t have the fan blowing on me as well. I’ll crack the window just enough for a little air and the soothing noise of  car traffic on the FDR Drive a few blocks away, and I’ll use cotton in my ears and turn the radio on low to classical music.

2) If it’s not as cold, I’ll turn the fan on                                                                                       It’s a perfect white noise so no cotton needed.  Radio on to classical music.

3) Decide low or high fan … and if I simultaneously also want the window also open or not.

4) Many Variables:                                                                                                                            include if I’ve done a laundry and so have a clean flannel nightie or PJs.  If not, and I’m forced into the lightweight cotton nightie, the room must be warmer!

You get the idea.

Night noises in the country may be different — bears or raccoons at the garbage, squirrels in the attic, cat knocking over pills in the bathroom dog dragging bag of dog food from the pantry…

Let me know what night noises you country mice deal with!


2 thoughts on “Nightly Rituals

  1. I live in the suburbs about 2 miles from one of the biggest biker bars in my county. So the only noises I hear at night, except for the peaceful ones of the insects and owls in the woods behind my house, are loud-ass, annoying Hogs at all hours of the night.


  2. I have an air cleaner fan blowing every night – instituted when our children were babies. Being a light sleeper, I heard every noise and rarely slept. I’ve become addicted to the noise. Otherwise, we’d only hear the stars twinkling and a low rumble from the highway a few miles away. Your nightly ritual sounds perfect for your setting!


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