I’m pissed! I had a great idea for a blog, including the title, and it’s gone! I don’t remember anything, can’t even begin to trace my line of thought.

So … I’ll keep this short. I wish all you Easter types a wonderful Easter, and all you Jewish folks a happy Passover, and you Muslim guys and gals, happy spring and happy any religious thoughts or feelings you may have this weekend.

I talk to cab drivers a lot. Many, many of them are Muslim, from all different places including here. It’s amazing how much religious conversation can be squeezed into a 10-minute ride! The driver who took me to the Seder I attended and I talked about Mohammed’s teachings about Jesus and Moses. It was a fine chat, until he mumbled that his was the only true divinity. I still tipped him well.

How easy it would be to love each other’s religions and to appreciate how special each one is in terms of what it brings to the human condition. Imagine if we could do that — and leave the need to believe in the superiority of one over another in the dusty books they came from. Even non-theism has valuable ideas and feelings to bring to the table.

And then, of course, we would eat! Can you imagine what a feast that would be? Can you just hear the laughter?

9 thoughts on “Dammit!

  1. Yes, only if they could love all the others. I read about various religions (though I think I am mostly atheist, except when in trouble 😁)… the superiority they claim turns me off too…though I love the teachings… then why the hell I’m an atheist I wonder.


    1. I’m converting the term atheist to non-theist. I’m not against a belief in a god, I just have a different belief. I’ve always experienced my belief in the universe just as it is, without super beings, as a great joy — a magnificent mystery. The aspects of religion that help us to be good to one another are of great value. As you probably know, the concept of treating others as you would be treated is common to all religions, including non-theism! πŸ™ƒ

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      1. True… I believe in a super power, I mean we do experience strang powerful things inside that cant simply be explained as neurological activities, but I don’t believe in a super being… or beings (we hv many😁)… Spirituality not religion… But it’s all messed up inside and I m simply trying to understand it all:-)


    2. One can appreciate the teachings of great religions — whether they came from gods or humans. I once realized, BTW, that I think about a god mostly when I’m angry about the cruelty in the world. I have to shake my fist at something!

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      1. Haha I don’t think he has anything to do with the cruelty human beings gift each other… Have you read Conversations with God… ? I liked the ideas in there…


  2. Thanks a lot. Great message.

    Our Easter in Ethiopia is after two weeks…

    Since there is only One God, there should be one religion only…. But, as you know people are business-minded.. Having different religion help many business grow πŸ™‚

    Wish you nice time


  3. I appreciate your beliefs, Fikadu, and your absolute right to have them, but your assumption that everyone believes there is a god means you have no such appreciation of my beliefs, which are non-theistic. Is there any wiggle room in your faith? Can you make some?


  4. Fikadu, I hope we can change the subject here … I’m just reading your post about Copenhagen and it sounds absolutely charming and quite fascinating so far. I look forward to getting to know someone from Ethiopia who grew up on a farm and is as different from me and my life as blue is different from red! Now I must go to sleep – way too late for me!


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