Get on my Inchoate Bandwagon

I admit it.  I’m shamelessly using the word inchoate just to get your attention, but it’s a worthy cause.  I’m including a poem I wrote when much younger, or as we say at my age, much, much younger and maybe it will help chase the “Where the Hell is Spring Blues” away.  But just so Krista doesn’t throw me bodily off the site:

There was a delightful old poet

who was challenged one day with “inchoate.”

Though her ideas were many

She has left this to Denny …  (you know who you are)

For she knows, without doubt, she would blow it.


OK???  Now, here’s the other poem!


Spring Quest

The time was right for Spring to come

But She was not in view;

Old Winter had secured a hold

And Spring could not break through.


Oh, how the children cried, and mothers

Sighed to see them so.

But Winter held on stubbornly

And just refused to go.


A little girl searched through the snow

To find where Spring was kept.

She found a house whose door was shut.

Inside it, someone wept.


She peered in through a window 

That was untouched by snowflake

And there was lovely Spring, a-weep 

As if her heart would break.


The little girl did not dare lift

The window in the fear

That Winter would come rushing in

And freeze each falling tear.


So sad was she to see Spring thus

She too shed tears—and, lo

They fell like fire upon the ground

And melted all the snow.


She flung the her arms up to the sky;

The air turned warm and sweet.

Soon gentle birds began to sing

and grass grew at her feet.  


Then Spring was standing near, with

Sparking eyes and cheeks of red, 

And bending, thanked the little child

With a kiss upon her head.



© This blog is the property of Ellen Diamond.

Permission is necessary if you wish to use any or all of it.

3 thoughts on “Get on my Inchoate Bandwagon

  1. Ellen, Ellen, Ellen… You aren’t THAT old, and I know damn well you’d be up to the challenge if you weren’t feeling under the weather. I don’t know if I’m up to it, though… So much to do today. I just spent 2 hours volunteering with the Nashville Dolphins helping special needs kids learn to swim. Now I’m home and have 2 bathrooms to clean. Then we’re going to Mom & Dad’s for dinner. Maybe I can work something in later. Wish me luck!


  2. Ellen, I love that poem! A perfect inspiration for spring and warmer weather. I’m so happy you hung on to it and shared it! 🙂


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