no pain, no pain

These days, taking care of my body is a little like playing Sudoku — or maybe more like those handheld games where there was only 1 square free and you had to keep moving numbers around that 1 open square until they were in order.

The square is the place on my body that I don’t have to worry about (all that comes to mind is my mouth!) and the other squares are the various treatments and medications  I take to address the worrisome places.

So…the medication I take to keep my knees from hurting conflicts with another pain medicine I take for an old hip injury.  The treatment for the numbness in my legs (that came from a previous medication) is so expensive that something else has to go.  The medicine I take to help my reflux/Gerdes issue can irritate the kidneys, push, push, push.

Ursula Le Guin says that when you start to get really old, you need doctors more, but getting there is much harder!  Hauling my ass to the doctors doesn’t really help with this puzzle problem anyway because each doctor believes their regimen should take precedence over all the others!

Does anyone have a cabin in the woods where I can detox from everything — one where screaming and watching old movies day and night at high volume won’t bother anyone?  And does Fresh Direct deliver there?

One thought on “no pain, no pain

  1. I wish I had a cabin for you to visit! Hopefully, you’ll find the spring weather will help with some of your aches and pains!


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