Is Feeling Good A Boring Blog?

If so, be prepared to be bored!

Yesterday in my 60+ poetry class at the Y in NYC, my poem came in for some praise. It was a risky poem – I rarely write about such personal feelings as childlessness, and the poem pulled it off without ever using the word. That’s a goal for poetry, for good poets. Show, not tell.

Take Stanley Kunitz, Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet Laureate.  His poem about the seasons changing begins:  “An agitation in the air, a perturbation of the light…”  … and suddenly there are autumn birds flying south, and the sunlight of summer cooling down, all without his saying so directly!

Then yesterday, my friend B. whom I met 2 yrs ago in the poetry class, came over to my house and brought her flute!  She’s only just begun studying again – we had talked about duets but never done it.  And so we tried.  She has two things I require and then one more: she has musicality, a great sense of rhythm, and a lovely tone.

OTOH, I struggled with my sight-reading. These are easy pieces, dammit!  I tried not to disrupt our playing too much, but I just couldn’t keep up.  She’s leaving me the book and I’ll try  to learn them well enough so when the flute is there I don’t get distracted. Since music is my favorite thing in the whole world, with dogs and cats a close second, I’m quietly ecstatic about this. If only B. will hold out and not mind my struggles!

Last good thing: today my nephew’s partner C. will be here and we will work on the absurdly complicated paperwork my co-op building requires for updating my kitchen! She knows her stuff.  Then later, Sam from the contractors will come to measure. It should be a day of accomplishment.

Only one bad thing: I will have to remove the paper towels and steel wool I have crammed into every crevice under my stove since seeing a water bug.  When I take it all away, I’ve no idea if any bugs may skitter out. I’ve a tendency to want to move when I see a water bug!

One more good thing (can you stand it?), I broke the weight barrier I’ve been stuck at for weeks. Overall loss, 35 lbs, with about 6 more to goal weight. Slow and steady does it!

2 thoughts on “Is Feeling Good A Boring Blog?

  1. I wasn’t bored reading this post, I’m excited to hear more about your musical adventures, remodeling (minus the bugs), and your weight loss success! I love the photo by the way! Nice touch 🙂


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