The “Un-Cur”


Two little dogs drag their masters, who will follow rather unhappily so the pups can check each other out. Tails at the wag, they sniff all over, wanting to discover some- thing…but what? Are they hoping to find a lost descendent of a bygone pack their ancestors traveled in aeons ago?

But look again, how would that happen?  These are the Pomskies, Whoodles, Cocker-Peis, Mikis, Pitskies, Schnoodles, Horgies, Pugapoos, Chuskies, Chiweenies—even with their much-refined noses how will they sniff out, through all those permutations and combos, the scantest trace of an early-race progenitor, much less a pack of them?

Which is perhaps why they always seem a little let down as they trot off up the street to look for the next new buddy to greet. Let’s have these fanciful dogs get together and form their own new brand of pack. Spell it “Paque” if they must! They’ll design their own hunting patterns inside in the kitchens and yards of the HuChimps whose ancestors they easily smell and to whom, for a while, they’ll pretend to belong — until they’re ready to strike out on their own, with their tail-less, fur-less rumps held high, just as their untraceable ancestors might have done aeons gone by.

The “Un-Cur”

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