A Little Nicer World

I haven’t blogged in ages. Not sure why … maybe it’s been because things have felt too awful in the world, which makes it harder to settle into one’s own private thoughts. But today I feel a little safer because perhaps, just perhaps, the changes in the Washington government may allow for the global warming issue to be squarely faced.

There’s room for honest disagreements and explainable misunderstandings when it comes to issues around jobs, housing, immigration, health, education, even ethnic hatred. But global warming is the one issue we cannot disagree on, though there are always crazy see-no-evil monkeys for whom warm sand is the best place for one’s head. Most if not all scientists agree now that it is too late for some if not all reparations, and that we are much closer to our own destruction than had previously been hoped.

Still I feel better today.  There’s still time to do some good, and I feel good about that.

It’s not our fault, not really. As the scorpion said to the frog, it’s our nature. Even if biblical language had defined “dominion” as stewardship rather than subjugation, once the non-indigenous populations overwhelmed the indigenous peoples, who while far from perfect knew how to get along with the earth, it was all over. Will Shakespeare, Omar Khayyam, Beethoven, Basho, Clara Schumann, DaVinci, Maya Angelou, Simone deBeauvoir and countless others not withstanding, power is the line along which our society has developed, and wisdom, even genius, has only been able to hold its sway at bay for brief intervals.

So I draw far, far back in my search for perspective. A planet with life, intelligent life, is still a sui generis in any given moment of our universe.  I see our earth as a complete fluke whose existence flies in the face of the “whole system.”  And we’ve been pretty lucky (the planet, I mean) for a pretty long period of time.  Four and a half billion years, even in universal time, is nothing to sneeze at.

And yet I do so wish it had been some natural force of the universe that did us in, and not us … not us.


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