The Women of 2020

The Women of 2020.
Probably like you, I’m thinking about the 2020 election. What do I need to hear? The courage to make near-impossible decisions of an HST, FDR at his best, of Lincoln, someone willing/able to take on the many-headed beast of global warming, for prime example, and fight toe-to-toe, paired with an incredible compassion for the human race and the earth we inhabit.

So far, none of the women candidates, all of whom I like, have sounded that kind of voice. And some, IMHO, have undermined themselves simply by running far earlier than they should. The Senate needs voices like Gillibrand and Harris desperately. Why are they bailing out at a time their presence is so vital?

Ambition is required to run for any office; the higher the office, the greater the necessary ambition, I guess. I don’t mind hearing ambition, but if it isn’t paired with experience, real character, strength of purpose, and (heaven help us) clear thinking, we have learned just how counter-productive it can be.

Yes, I do wish it could be a woman. But what we need even more is for women like you and me to step up and make our voices count. For U.S. president, I will only vote for a man or woman who has the consistent presence of a forward-moving and right-thinking head-of-state…someone who can rally the good will of the world, because now, nothing less will suffice.

[© This work is copyrighted by Ellen Diamond and may be reprinted with her permission only]

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