I have this view from my window: the river and bridge on the right. It’s the one that you see when you walk into the room and it’s much more beautiful than that. The left view is OK, but I have to lean against a wall and balance on one foot to see it anyway.

As you might have heard, there was this big storm that pummeled our eastern  shores ( Manhattan is an island so it has a western shore) and since then, it’s been grey and cloudy, grey and cloudy.

I happen to like that kind of weather but after 4 days of it, when sunlight popped out a few minutes ago around 5PM, it was all kinds of wonderful.

As I passed the little view on my way to my kitchen, I had to stop. It was like a child’s storybook illustration of a river. The sun hit the bridge (it’s the Triboro Bridge that they keep trying to rename) and lit its light-blue towers exactly as they should be lit.

The water was a deep, late-afternoon blue, and the white stones you can’t see along that edge the little island and the far shore glowed. It took most of my breath away and half my heart, Just for a moment.

Robert Frost said “nothing gold can stay.”  It’s true, but a moment like that can hang around a while in one’s mind’s eye.

The view is between two big buildings, which makes it all the more precious. It gets smaller as you get closer, so I like to show it off from the doorway of the room. Typical-ly, so much goes on in that little view:

two bridges

half an island

a children’s playground

a flagpole that tells about the wind

cars racing  up and down the FDR Drive

wintry trees soon to blossom

the water itself changing moods, tides, colors and then shamelessly glistening at night!

I forgot to tell you that as I looked, a lovely white boat, probably a yacht, streaked across the water like a comet, gleaming proudly on the side facing me, and of course facing the sun.

All gone now.


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  1. Aw, way to go, you added a photo!!! I finally get to see a real glimpse of your world. Your snow disappeared much faster than ours has here in WI. The view of the water you have is gorgeous. Great poem too ;-)!


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