My Beliefs

I recently started to follow one particular blogger, a lovely-sounding, intelligent woman who seems to be learning some of the same lessons in life that I’ve been interested in learning.

She’s a good writer and I enjoy reading her posts. She’s also a Christian minister.

In a previous post, I wrote about my experiences as the facilitator of a group of people in early recovery from substance abuse, how over the years that the group existed, we found common ground despite the differences in our beliefs. After all, we had a common goal: their continued sobriety.

But here, on my own blog site, I want to be clearer than that about who I am, so here’s a little poem I wrote a couple of years ago.

I am a happy atheist:
I do not question why.
I never wonder why the earth
is underneath the sky.

I am a happy atheist:
I do not question how.
I never ask what came before
or what comes after now.

I am a happy atheist:
A leaf is just a leaf,
and it survives because it can.
And that is my belief.

I would like to be a part of dispelling the belief that many have that non-theists are miserable, grouchy people walking around saying “I don’t believe in You, I don’t believe in You.”

So if those of who who are people of faith will continue to read my blog, I will only add that my beliefs bring me as much joy and peace as yours do for you.
And that, my friends, is common ground.

6 thoughts on “My Beliefs

  1. Wow, thank you. I don’t usually climb that far out on that particular limb! But I’m proud of my beliefs and tired of feeling like a second-class citizen who has to keep on the quiet side because of them. I don’t feel morally superior to people who believe in a God – I truly can feel what they feel and respect and understand how strong a belief it is. Why, I wonder, won’t they try to understand and respect mine?

    Funny how soapboxes appear out of nowhere!


    1. For me it’s quite simple. In Dutch, rather than using the word “religious”, we use the word “belief” and that’s how I treat the whole matter. Some people believe in God, I don’t. Do I treat you differently when you believe? No. I’ll respect your choice by not criticizing your belief and by giving you a moment instead of tucking into a meal straight away. Little things like that. I do however, expect you to treat me the same. Don’t try and convert me. Don’t belittle me or consider yourself superior because you believe in God and I don’t for then I’ll walk out the door.
      I’d like to say a whole lot more about the matter, but life’s a bit hectic at the moment. 😦


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