New Behavior – An Assay

A blogger today handed out some advice

About when a good friend lets you down.

She suggested to think more than once, namely thrice,

which will postpone your judgmental frown.

Oh it’s hard, all right, I can testify,

when my whole self is wanting to blow!

But she says to wait before angry words fly,

and instead think of letting them go.

I’ll practice behaving the way she suggests

the next time I feel ‘dissed’ by a friend.

There were so many moments that begged for my best

where I failed — maybe now I can bend.


4 thoughts on “New Behavior – An Assay

  1. Begged for my best too and I failed miserably several times. It’s like a burning spark that is desperate to set your mind ablaze. But more so, the relationship that comes in its wake. So I agree my friend, a moment of calm saves several regrets.


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