Two Days After

Two days after a cold spell here in NYC that took us down to 8 degrees above zero (and in Indiana where one of my nephews lives, down to -17), temperatures soar to 55 degrees.

Baby carriages and dog walkers proliferate again, boys on bikes delivering food from restaurants fly up and down the streets, shopkeepers’ assistants sweep the sidewalk in front of their stores, traffic is its usual full speed ahead.

But not quite. Pedestrians (“aka” people) are still wearing a dazed look – along with their vestigial scarves, gloves, hats and layers of clothing.

Tomorrow, and again on Friday, it will be in the high 50’s. Whatever will the buds do? They’ve hardly put their heads down for a winter sleep!

And with all this, we keep going. School buses are pulling out readying for the 3PM rush, people shop for food, I watch pigeons, play piano and slowly recover from an email fight with my sister.

The President still denies global warming, as the Arctic Vortex drifts out to sea leaving all kinds of terrible mischief in its wake.

Life, as they say, goes on.

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